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Covid and how we are handling it

Frequently Asked Questions - Covid

We want to make sure that your body and mind are able to continue receiving the care and relaxation it needs now more than ever - without concern.

Here is what we are ask to do by the State to protect our clients and ourselves:

  • Monitored office cleaning.
    • Before, during, and after our doors open, we clean all surfaces that may be touched, including everything from the floors to the door handles and everything in between
  • Washing Hands
    • I am strictly following a hand washing protocol before and after each session and after touching any sheets, bottles, or any other objects that may have possible contamination.
  • Limiting the Flow of Foot Traffic
    • I ask that you please only arrive by  yourself and no earlier then 5 minutes before your appointment. This will give me enough time to clean and be up front waiting to let you inside
  • Wearing a Face Covering
    • I am asking everyone who comes to my office to please wear a face covering during your whole appointment
    • I will be wearing a face covering the entire appointment

I will also be having all clients who would like to get a massage appointment to fill out this waiver below either upon arrival or you can also save a copy of the waiver attached below and digitally sign and send it back via email