A Kneaded Massage

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At A Kneaded Massage, we strive to provide highly valuable services to clients. As a thank you to loyal clients and a warm welcome to new clients, we offer massage packages, periodic discounts on services, and much more!

Tailored Massage Packages

Love to indulge in massage regularly? A tailored massage package may be right for you!

3 60 Minute Massages ~  $175

3 90 Minute Massages ~ $225

3 120 Minute Massages ~  $285 


We occasionally offer our services on Groupon. The Groupon offer is only valid for new clients or previous clients who have not visited the spa in over 6 months. 


  • After purchasing the Groupon, call our office (872-529-2175) and let the person on the phone know you have purchased a Groupon and which service you have purchased. 
  • Please be prepared to provide your name, email address, phone number, and the Groupon voucher code - this is required to hold the appointment.
  • If you have purchased a package of 2, you may book the second appointment ahead of time or after completing the first massage.

Please note: Appointments made with Groupon are only available Thursday-Saturday.

What our customers are saying

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